DredEye Records presents Casa, Casadee and the Casafizzman from Derby. Started writing lyrics and rap at the age of 13. "Grime music has played a big part in my progression as an MC and as I've got older it's become more about expressing my perception of my life and of the world I see around me. Ultimately I just want to make music people can enjoy and relate to." 





 Born in the age of chaos, Castro taught himself the skills needed to produce, MC, mix, master and add visuals to his art. Having been involved in various hip-hop groups in the east and west midlands, such as Midlandz connected and D.O.A. Castro knows what's needed and not, to succeed and evolve in his craft. He has worked on and released various mix-tapes with the groups, including his own called Moorish Music.His main influences have been Wu-tang, Dead Prez and K Rino. He prizes himself on deep catchy beats and sharp vocal delivery that slices through the ear drum like a Shaolin sword. Now with the DRED EYE team he knows they are going to make history...





Born and raised in Derby Freeze has always had a love and passion for music. He started writing rhymes at the age of 13 rapping on underground jungle beats and drum & bass beats then moving on to grime and slowly evolving over time. He became a conscious rapper determined to send  a positive message to the masses and talk about real life through music..he truly believes that the DREDEYE family can change the world.





DredEye Records presents an upcoming artist KP. Grown up in South London from the age of 13 influenced by Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil Reese. Also influenced by drill music even though not agreeing with certain lyrics. Young and studying Computer Science at University. A very inteligent focused individual.



DredEye Records presents Moshe, grew up in Brixton in the 70's moved to America in the mid 80's, back in the 90's. He loves music, poetry and grafitti is one of the reasons he's on the hiphop culture. Loves old school Hip-Hop, and his style is of old school.






One word to describe Nakes is old-skool. Nakes has worked with MC's from down South to up North. His influences range from Black Twang and Roots Manuva to Wu Tang Clan and Nas. Hailing from the Brewtown, as one of the founding Knights, Nakes Windu is returning to his roots, double-edged mic-sabre in hand ready to bring about the Birth-Of-Thunder.




DredEye Records presents Stef, music has always been a huge part in his life. He has a unique style and a great way of expressing a story through his musical talent. He believes DredEye will conquer the world and reach a global audience.